Cavalry Hats by Miller Hats

The original Cavalry hats were made famous by Stetson.  After reviewing in detail the history of the Stetson Cavalry Hats; Miller hats decided to design a top quality Cavalry Hat.  The design of the Cavalry Hat began by first finding a high quality fur felt body.   Miller Hats private label Cavalry hats are made out of premium quality fur felt material.  The durable quality allows maximum comfort ,a pleasing style and a long lasting hat. 

Once the material is chosen we add specific trims to complete the Miller Cavalry Hat.  We use only roan leather sweatbands, inside satin cross sabers hat liners, including approved acorn bands and cavalry sabers insignias.   Once all of these features are put together the final process will include the crown shape and style.  

The multi choice of crowns include the Cattleman crown, Center Crease, Teardrop, Gus and Centerdent styles.  That is many more than Stetson or any competitor offers.  The design of the brims vary depending on the customer choice.  Miller Hats has created a large selection of options suitable for each customer.    The specs used in the design of the Miller Cavalry Hat have given Miller Hats the niche over other sellers of Cavalry Hats.  Miller hats has created a durable, unique and affordable hat for every cavalry soldier or any private citizen that would like to carry on the tradition.

We have serviced the Cavalry community  all over the world since 1995.  According to the soldier’s military tradition “Cavalry Hats give a soldier a feeling of pride & honor”.  

Miller Cavalry hats are available to ship right away  – Choose your Cavalry Hat TODAY!

Miller Cavalry Hats