Black Hats

 Black hats are much more than a piece of clothing; they are cerebral fashion accessories that can mark personalities, social etiquettes, and lifestyles.


Many artists made portraits of themselves or others wearing great hats such as Piccaso wearing a beret, Vincent Van Gogh wearing a straw hat among others. On the portrait of Be A Good Boy you can see a man wearing a derby hat. There are many interesting books about...

Autumn Hats

Visit us and take a look at our fabolous fur felt and wool auntumn hats and caps. Hats made of fur felt are more resistant to water, easier to put back in shape using steam, and tend to have truer, deeper colors that are never mottled or dingy. 

Celebrity Hats

Celebrity Hats   Many men’s Celebrity hats have become famous throughout history because of the men who wore them.  The hats, like the men themselves have become a legend.  Our celebrity hat section features hats worn by famous musicians, actors, singers, politicians,...